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Last Joss Author Standing

Fanfic contest

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Last Joss
Author Standing

This community is based on the same idea as the many, many Last Icon Maker Standing challenges around today, only we're using drabbles and ficlets.

If you've never seen an LIMS before the general idea is that you submit an entry based on a weekly theme and each week one person is voted out, until there is only one person left.

After reading the rules comment here to sign up for the next Round.

You can join or watch this community to read the entries and vote without participating but the more participation the better.


1. There must be a minimum of ten authors participating at the beginning of each round.

2. Rounds will be based on the Joss Whedon shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse. Some rounds will include all five shows and any character prompts will include one character from each show (unless it's a character that appeared regularly on more than one: ex. Angel or Wesley). Other rounds will be based on only one show or one specific character or pairing (you will know when I announce sign ups which type of round it will be).

3. If you sign up and don't submit something for each challenge (unless you request a pass) you will be dropped from the Round. If you're dropped because of non-participation in three or more rounds you won't be allowed to compete anymore.

4. All entries must be at least 100 words, but no more than 1000.

5. Due to comment size restrictions if you cannot post your entire entry in the comments of the proper post you can email it to me.

6. All entries must remain anonymous. Therefore, you cannot post it anywhere else until after voting is complete. Posting early will disqualify you.

7. All comments will be screened, and I will make a new post with each entry, without the author's name, for voting.

8. There will be 3-4 days to vote on your least favorite before the new challenge is posted.

9. Any rating and pairing is allowed unless otherwise specified in a specific round or challenge.

10. Everyone can request one pass per round. A pass will allow you to skip one challenge. Keep in mind you only have one per round so don't use it unless you have to, if you choose to use it because you just don't like a particular challenge that's fine, but if a week later you have computer problems or an emergency you will no longer have one available and will be dropped. You MUST let me know either by email or as a comment to the current challenge before the deadline day. That means if the submissions are due on Sunday, you have to let me know by Saturday that you want a pass. You can not request a pass for the final two rounds, I can't let the pass be the reason you make to the final round. And as for the final round, obviously you must write something to win. You also can not use a pass in the first round, unless you sign up BEFORE the first challenge is posted.

Round 1:: mandasfics
Round 2:: kallysten
Round 3:: eurydice72
Round 4:: kallie_kat
Round 5:: pepperlandgirl4
Round 6:: pennydrdful
Round 7:: kallie_kat
Round 8:: spikeysgrl18