Manda (scars_proach) wrote in joss_las,

Round 10/Challenge 3

Okay, apparently I cannot read... I am so sorry for the confusion, this week we actually say goodbye to nothorse.

Also, it has come up that I have apparently been accidentally switching the letters in "OLTL" around... My email is (OLTL = One Life to Live just in case I do it again.) If you were dropped from the last challenge but sent in a fic, please email me and I will include you in the next challenge!

The same rules apply to this round and submissions will be due by 9 PM CST Thursday, July 9.

Participating in this Round:


For best results, comment this post with your entry. If the comment restriction won't let you, then email with the subject of "Joss_Las Submission". I'm going to make a special folder for submissions that my previous mistake will not be repeated.

Your prompt for this week is: Sanctuary.

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